Reasons To Build A New Home

Build a home. This is by far the most repeated advise in human history. Adults are quick to recommend this option. In fact, it’s the most common advise on the lips of many mature people. However, many youngsters think differently. Building a new home is not a priority for them. They just want to hang out and have fun. They want to buy the latest gadgets and feel cool. reward homes


It’s okay to flow with the times and enjoy the best technology can offer. Heck, that’s one of the big advantage of being alive in the 21st century. Yes, enjoy life’s little pleasures but don’t forsake the golden advise to build a home.


  1. Building a new home helps you save money.

Most people find it difficult to save. They simply spend their money as it comes. But when you build a home, you save all that money. A home is a huge investment in capital. This means you also make a huge savings for the future.


  1. A home appreciates in value over time

Property values increase with time. In developing countries like Nigeria, prices are always on the rise  never down.Real estate appreciates in value over time. Any home you build now will pay for your retirement when it’s time.


  1. There is pride and fulfillment in owning a home.

Here’s a typical example.


My landlord’s daughter once had a dispute with one of the tenants. After much quarreling, she yelled in anger. “This is my father’s house! Anyone who doesn’t like my rules should go live in his father’s house”.


Some pride, right?

You don’t need to be arrogant like my landlord’s daughter because your dad or you own a home. But your sense of achievement and accomplishment after building a new home is simply out of this world.


Don’t believe it? Experience it.


  1. Your home can serve as collateral when you need a loan to execute another project. Your car can’t. Even your most expensive electronics gadgets can’t. See the value of owning a home?


  1. Building a new home elicits an overwhelming excitement in you.

The truth is . . . building a home goes beyond just owning a home. Build a home is a wonderful advice because it elicits in you excitement that is beyond explaining. The feelings of worth and success just overwhelms you.


  1. A house his a concrete asset. It stays with you generation after generation. And with passing generations comes attachment and emotions. Nothing else in this vast universe gives as much satisfaction as building a new home.


  1. Pass a legacy to your children. Give them something to inherit. A home is a concrete asset you can pass to your kids. It is an asset that they cannot easily forget.